LeeBongSun Yakdoraji 「Janghan balloon flower 」, which was applied for protection of the variety of Yakdoraji. cultivated directly by original natural circulation farming method. The high-quality products of LeeBongSun Yakdoraji are completed through a safe production process that can be trusted with the best raw materials. 

The representative brand of Yakdoraji in Korea, "Handoraji," at "2020 TJB Vietnam Business Matching Day" It signed a $1,000,000 one-year export contract with Liga Doctor Clinic in Vietnam. 

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LeeBongSun Yakdoraji contains four to five times more Platycodin D. In oriental medicine, Yakdoraji are widely known for their excellent effect on bronchial and respiratory health by relieving cough, phlegm and inflammation. In modern studies, Yakdoraji also increase the activity of NK cells and the proliferation of immune-related cells. It turned out to strengthen immunity. Platycodin D of yakdoraji is effective for anti-inflammatory, diabetes prevention, liver health, and immune enhancement.

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