Phạm Đức Sinh, the grandson of the Vietnamese King's Doctor 

started growing Leebongsun Yakdoraji for the first time.

Leebongsun Yakdoraji was reported on Cambodia's Phnom Penh network news.

There was the 27th Chungcheongnam-do Rural Development Award. HANDORAJI Lee Bong-sun won a gold medal in forestry.

In Chun Baek, legendary baseball player 

 became a fan of LeeBongSun Yakdoraji 

The customer sent the dollar to thank you. 

The value of it will not be all it seems.

Dear CEO Lee Bong-sun and all the staff,  ​

November 25, 2020  ​

 I have received the Lee Bong-sun Yakdoraji and Handoraji Premium. 

Thank you for making good medicinal herbs and products.

I hope to drink this and improve my health.


I'll send you 50 dollars even though it's not much.

Please share refreshments with CEO Lee Bong-sun and his staff. ​ 

 May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. ​ 

 Thank you. ​ 

Lee Won